Under Construction

July 14-August 5, 2018

In advance of our official launch exhibition Serpentine Path on August 25th 2018, Terminal Creek Contemporary presents the summer show Under Construction, featuring works by various local and international artists.

Under Construction brings together a number of works that have at their root a playful locus of construction, whether a building up of layers or a colourful assembly of geometric forms reminiscent of children’s games. These works examine the interplay between 2D planes and 3D spaces, artist responses to found imagery, and imagined habitations; from beaver dams to Euclidean geometric forms, the process of construction is paramount.

The artists whose works are displayed in this exhibition are Kim Kennedy Austin, Eli Bornowsky, Annie Briard, Phil Dion, Jason Gowans, Khan Lee, Elizabeth McIntosh, Ron Terada, Nina Tichava and Etienne Zack.


Under Construction will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4 during the dates above