August 17-September 8, 2019

Gillian McMillan,  Floating Shapes  2019

Gillian McMillan, Floating Shapes 2019

In 1995, Eric Metcalfe met ceramic artist Gillian McMillan when he was looking to paint his World Tea Party tea set in his signature leopard print. Their working relationship continued as they collaborated on the ceramic plates Eric would paint to be sold at Western Front fundraisers.

Over the course of their growing friendship, Eric began to invite his artist friends to join him in his ceramic painting - thus the term “raiding” Gillian’s studio for ceramics was coined, by the group who would make the trip out to her Port Moody studio.

Roughly six times per year, Gillian would create slab plates and earthenware for the invited group of artists to approach with their own painting techniques - some calculated and careful, others free flowing and experimental. The Raiders events are day long social gatherings; each artist contributes a potluck dish to share with the group, art is discussed, and techniques are learned and compared around a large working table. Many of the Raiders have incorporated ceramics into their artistic practices in ways that would not have been considered had Gillian not graciously hosted the “raids”.

This exhibition brings together ceramic works painted by many different artists, at almost as many different Raids. By experiencing them all together, the viewer learns the story of this unique slice of local art history.

Exhibition curated by Kate Bellringer. Featuring works by: Eric Metcalfe, Gillian McMillan, Eli Bornowsky, Allyson Clay, Colette Urban, Monique Fouquet, Paul Mathieu, Renée Van Halm, Katie Lyle, Marian Penner Bancroft, Greg Bellerby, Elizabeth McIntosh, Rick Ross, Lyse Lemieux, Ciara Phillips, Marlene Madison, Garry Neill Kennedy , Cathy Busby , Philippe Raphanel, Pierre Coupey, Mina Totino, Michelle Normoyle, Tamara Mills, and Kate Metten.