As opportunities arise to collaborate with artists who have exhibited at Terminal Creek Contemporary, we are pleased to offer limited edition artworks for sale at an affordable price point.

Judith Sun

Bowen Reflection 2010 - 300 dpi.jpg

Nicole Sanchez

Bowen Reflection (2010) by Vikky Alexander was created at a private Bowen residence and was shown at the exhibition Serpentine Path. You will see classic hallmarks of Alexander’s practice: glass planes, multiple reflections, framed architecture, and beautiful landscape layered in a stunning though carefully constrained visual puzzle. Archival $900, offered in an edition of 10. Only 3 left!


Jose Phillips

Omen (2017), Scott Massey. Captured on the west side of Bowen Island during the smoky forest fire skies of 2017, this large format 4X5 negative of the setting sun forms a discrete black hole above Ragged Island. $225, offered in an edition of 20.